Why become a member?

To gain the most out of OrthoSoc, you must become a member. By becoming a member, you gain access to the Members Area of our website where you can find:

  • Career & Portfolio Advice from medical students to consultants regarding career progression and portfolio/interview success. Find information and tips on applications to Core Surgical Training as well as Orthopaedic Training - but the info you'll find here can be applicable to most specialities.

  • Notes for revision from a few generous students, including resources that we recommend for your revision for OSCEs as well as written exams.

  • Useful Events & Summaries of some of our events as well as those hosted by external societies. Here you'll find future events that could be useful for your career progression as well as past events that we have either hosted or attended.

  • Food Discounts! We are working hard to find you discount codes for many of our favourite restaurants, cafes or bars! Please be patient as we try to increase our database for you!

Becoming a member also entitles you to a discount at our annual national conference, the Research and Innovation in Orthopaedics Conference.

How to Join

  1. Go to the Bristol Student's Union Website and click on Bristol OrthoSoc Membership (Lifetime)

  2. Pay our £10 lifetime membership fee - that's £10 for a LIFETIME of Ortho fun!

  3. Nice one! Now you're a member. This means you have access to our members area! To set up:

  • Click Member's Area on the Menu Bar. You should be redirected to a log in /sign up page

  • Sign up to our website using your university e-mail address

  • Wait for us to verify you as a member

  • Browse!

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